Change of Claim.

Herzeine Inlandsch Reglement ("HIR") and Reglement Buiten Govesten ("RBg") do not regulate the provisions of changing of claim.

Requirements and Guidelines of Application for Registration of Intellectual Property License Agreement.

Ministry of Law and Human Rights (“MENKUMHAM”) issued new regulation namely Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Regulation No. 8 of 2016 on Requirements and Guidelines of Application for Registration.

Buyer’s Protection on Hidden Defect under Indonesian Civil Code.

Despite of many risks that may happen in the sale and purchase of goods, hidden defect is one of the major risks that must be considered by the buyer, even before the buyer decides to purchase the goods.

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  • Recognition and Enforcement of International Arbitral Award in Indonesia

    The recognition and enforcement of international arbitral award in Indonesia is regulated on Law Number 30 of 1999 on Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (“Arbitration Law”) and Supreme Court Regulation Number 1 of 1990 (“SCR 1/1990”). International arbitral award means a decision imposed by (i) an Arbitration Institution or Personal Arbitrator...

  • Objection Against The Petitum of The Palintiff’s Letter of Claim

    In civil procedural law, every person and/or legal entity who is being sued by the plaintiff in court, is called as defendant and to him/her will be granted the right to submit the response and objection on the petitum of the palintiff’s letter of claim (“Petitum”). Objection is an efforts...

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The Exception of Material Law

In the previous article its has been explained about the authorization to ajudicate exception (competention exception) and formil requirements of exception. Beside the exception as mentioned above, in Indonesia civil procedure law, it is also known the term of exception of material law (materiele exceptie). - Read more

Types of Exception

Exception, in Civil Procedural Law context, is defined as objection. Exception can also be defined as defense (plea) proposed by the defendant against the plaintiff’s lawsuits material. However - Read more

Buyer Protection
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